James White's Fort

Quilt Pattern

Bird's Nest

Located in Knoxville, this waypoint along the Quilt Trail is part of Knox County, within the East Tennessee region.


While in the Knoxville area you can visit the historical James White Fort. James White was the founder of Knoxville. After fighting in the Revolutionary War he was given 1,000 acres and built his house. He then encased it to keep out wild animals. Which gave it a fort like appearance. Over the years he built the city of Knoxville.

The fort was restored and became open to the public in 1970. Not only is this a historic preservation site, but they also host heritage days, Christmas celebrations, haunted Halloween events, and much more. They are also a site for weddings and personal celebrations.

Jane and Rob Pierce had the pattern painted and installed on the fort.

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205 East Hill Avenue
Knoxville, Tennessee


35.962984 °N, -83.912125 °W