Marshall County Historical Museum

Quilt Pattern

Grandmother's Fan

Located in Lewisburg, this trail stop along the Quilt Trail is part of Marshall County, within the Middle Tennessee region.


The Marshall County Historical Museum, located in the Hardison School Annex, was established in 1996 by the Marshall County Historical Society. The museum houses artifacts of Marshall County and its residents. Exhibits include primitive tools, a loom, spinning wheel, examples of handmade furniture, medical apparatus and instruments, World War I and II memorabilia, vintage clothing and jewelry, ladies hats created by Jack McConnell, old quilts, a Marshall County fossil collection, a churn, butter molds and scales, numerous old photographs, and thirty-seven years of the Marshall County Historical Quarterly. The museum is governed by a board of directors composed of members of the Historical Society. Volunteers oversee the daily operations of the museum.

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230 College St
Lewisburg, Tennessee


35.453869 °N, -86.789722 °W