Hamblen County, home to the Bridge to Bridge Trail and Morristown, Tennessee is nestled in the lush, fertile valley between the Great Smoky Mountains and the rugged Clinch Mountain. It is surrounded by gently rolling hills and two of the most beautiful lakes in all of the United States. Come see the world-famous "overhead" sidewalks of the Central Morristown Business District. History was made here. Morristown is where Davy Crockett grew up. It was a center of some of the more strategic battles of the Civil War. It is and was the "Crossroads of Dixie," where the main roads from Knoxville to Baltimore and the famous Buffalo Trail from Cumberland Gap cross. Morristown is also the home of Rose Center, the regional cultural and performing arts center, Crockett Tavern and Museum and the brand new lakeside Citizen-Tribune/Jefferson Federal Amphitheatre at Cherokee Park.